The Lectra-AMFI Awards: 6 years of highlighting talented young designers

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) invites 3rd and 4th year students to learn more about our 3D solution, Modaris, with a 3D Hypercraft minor. The minor encourages creative freedom and independence, giving students the opportunity to create digital patterns and turn creations into virtual 3D prototypes. 



Every year we invite students to share their collection and how they worked with Modaris to develop and create it. The young designers have the opportunity to present their work, gain helpful feedback and network with a large and interested audience, including fashion industry experts. The Lectra Award recognizes the work of the students that demonstrate a mastery of the solution and present an innovative collection that brings a new perspective to the market.


This year, the judges that evaluated and critiqued the designs were Hans de Foer, IFM (Institut Français de la Mode) Postgraduate Design Program Director, Birgitta Mantelstjerna, H&M, Manager Product Development /Fit-Grading –Construction and Anne-Laure Frizon, Lectra, Education Program Manager.


loisgrooff_stopandsmelltheroses.jpg The winners were Aliza Hellings, Imke Nijst, Kelly Geurdenand Myrna Slgat.

Together, their technical usage of Modaris, the emotions that came through their collection and their strong vision    for the future of fashion stood out to the panel of judges and secured their prizes.

This is just the first step in the fashion journey of these future designers. With this Modaris 3D experience, they have a solid foundation as they continue to hone their craft and shape the future of fashion.


  Congratualtions again to all of the winners! We are looking forward to seeing more of their work in the future.