From Barbie Dolls to Haute Couture


From her hobbies as a young girl to her choice of studies one thing was clear to Yvette Battegay: she was going to become a fashion designer. Yvette’s journey illustrates that simply having the goal is the first step, but you also have to put in the work.

yvettebattegay_2.pngUsually when you ask a child what she, or he, wants to be when they grow up they riddle off multiple options, but that was not the case for Yvette Battegay.  After receiving her first Barbie doll she knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Creating clothes for her dolls quickly became her fascination and passion and she instantly knew that she had to make it her reality.

Yvette’s dream did come true when she graduated from ESMOD in 2015. During her studies the love of building collections and creating clothes only intensified. “It is amazing to see that from a simple piece of fabric I am able to build a piece of clothing that is three dimensional. This is something that has always fascinated me”, she said. 

In her 3rd year of studies, Yvette decided to specialize in Prêt-a-Porter (Women’s Wear) and was enrolled in a Modaris 3D course. The ability to improve her pattern-making skills and knowledge of 3D was what initially attracted her, but what is acquired was much more.

“This choice [enrolling in the Modaris 3D module] has proven to be the right one because it allowed me to become a well-rounded designer, helped me work faster and become more detail-oriented, which is essential.” Her talent and drive caught the eye of Haute Couture brand Franck Sorbier where she started her career.

Yvette’s journey from designing clothes for Barbie dolls to working in Haute Couture proves that with the right skills, passion and dedication there is no dream too big that cannot be achieved.