Connecting the Lectra Fashion Community


Lectra Fashion Network is a platform for the future of fashion, a space where industry insiders can connect with Lectra’s partner fashion schools & their students: A space where creativity, craftsmanship and technology skills unite to inspire the fashion professionals of tomorrow.


Lectra has established partnerships with over 850 fashion schools, universities and institutions in over 60 countries worldwide.  These schools all presented in the Lectra Fashion Network, train up-and-coming fashion and apparel professionals by positioning Lectra solutions and expertise as key pillars of their programs. The work and profiles of students are highlighted through competitions run in unique collaborations between Lectra, the schools and very often companies in the industry.

Lectra Fashion Network features student & up-and-coming designer collections: Fashion companies looking for new talent, skilled on Lectra solutions can identify and link to potential collaborators.

This platform is a source of inspiration and contacts: interviews of fashion professionals are positioned alongside articles on the latest trends, events and industry analysis to provide a bigger picture of the fashion industry and fashion education.

Encouraging more interaction and visibility for all those linked to Lectra, the Lectra Fashion Network unites fashion and technology students, schools and professionals, to develop and expand the Lectra fashion community.