Empowering creative teams in the fashion industry


Agnes Kiss, Strategic Planning Analyst, Lectra, gave a “Creation in the fashion industry” lecture on November 17 to select students from business school ESCP Europe and fashion and visual merchandising school La Fabrique. Today we're sharing three takeaways.

1. Fashion strives when teams strike the right balance between creation and business

Bringing to life a creative idea that will evolve into a commercially successful fashion model requires many stages, each of them critical. Design and product development are at the heart of this long, complex process, but not only. Alignment and synchronicity with sourcing, pre-production, production, logistics and retail teams is essential. Best-in-class fashion companies abolish silos and foster close collaboration so that teams with different roles, perspectives and priorities can seamlessly work together towards a common goal.


2.New design and product development challenges are adding to existing challenges

Fashion is still tackling long-time challenges such as the need to get the right fit and the right style for target customers, time pressure, loss of information along workflows, and lack of collaboration.

Today, globalization has further complexified fashion supply chains. Consumers are more demanding; very connected, they are well informed and yield more power. Millennials, in particular, are expecting high quality, moderate prices and fast deliveries at the same time. Collections have become seasonless, and their launch immediate with the see now buy now frenzy.


3. Technology empowers fashion teams to create, connect, control

As Lectra solutions users and experts say:

Designers need a solution that allows them to be free, to develop, to test. They need to really understand what they want to propose, and they need to do it fast.”

Product development really helps us be more competitive as a brand by being able to control costs and to make sure that you are getting the best quality for your garments. You don’t waste time, you don’t waste fabric.”

PLM: “We needed a reliable information system that would synchronize processes across different teams, different departments and even different companies.”



This lecture was part of the “Fashion & Technology” Master in Management’s elective class. Valérie Moatti and Céline Abecassis-Moedas are in charge of this course that scrutinizes the challenges and opportunities brought by technology in the fashion industry at the level of creation, production, supply chain management, retail and overall strategies.  The course is strongly linked with the Lectra - ESCP Europe Fashion and Technology Chair that aims at exploring the relationship between fashion/luxury and technology, from digital creation to manufacturing localization, through the emergence of new business models.