Academy Of Art University

The largest private university of art and design in the United States, San Francisco’s Academy of Art University has been preparing students for successful careers in art and design for the better part of a century.
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Established in 1929, the Academy of Art University prides itself on an inclusive admissions policy, complemented by a rigorous curriculum that requires students produce a portfolio of work, demonstrating mastery over their chosen specialty, in order to graduate. Students from all over the world take the Academy’s classes online and at the school’s San Francisco campus, taught by a faculty of working professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the industry. A long time participant in Lectra’s education program, the Academy’s School of Fashion offers a broad scope of classes designed to prepare students for a successful career in fashion. The university emphasizes the importance of teaching on the latest industry-standard technology and equipment, so that its students are ready to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. In keeping with this philosophy, their curriculum includes a thorough grounding in Lectra’s design software, Kaledo.

“Academy of Art University students learn on industry-standard technology and equipment. Using Lectra’s Kaledo enhances their design projects, which improves their portfolios and facilitates their transition from classroom to industry.” – Jennifer Jeon, Faculty Member, Textiles – School of Fashion

“We asked our business contacts and Academy alumni now working in the industry what software they use, outside of Adobe. Lectra’s name came up the most,” says Rhona MacKenzie, Assistant Director-Textiles of the School of Fashion.

Academy of Art University students studying CAD for textiles are trained on Kaledo Print, Weave and Knit. “They learn how to use the system as if they were working in the industry,” explains Jeon. Students use Lectra’s design software in the classroom to create collections of print, woven and knit designs for different consumer groups and seasons, in multiple color combinations. Kaledo’s textile-design technology allows students to try out different design combinations and generate ultra-realistic simulations of their ideas.

“The process allows students to develop the technical skills they need to turn creative ideas into production-ready, cost-efficient textile designs,” Linda Greiff, Kaledo Instructor, explains. “And at the end of the semester, they have a Kaledo CAD textile collection to include in their portfolio.” “The fashion industry is constantly seeking highly-skilled talent trained in the latest technology,” Jeon continues. “Using Kaledo Textile as a classroom learning tool ensures that our students are better prepared to land good textile design jobs.”